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Author Nanette M. Buchanan


Nanette M. Buchanan is a native of Newark, New Jersey, now residing in Fayetteville, North Carolina. She first set her pen to pad as written expressions of her love for poetry. To date, her pen-to-pad accomplishments include three volumes of poetry, two published children’s books, twelve published novels, and one non-fiction self-help book. When asked what genre’ best describes her novels, she teasingly answers, “Reality Fiction.” Her preferred genre’ is women’s fiction or crime fiction, but readers will attest that they all have suspense, mystery, and a dramatic twist. 


Now retired, Nanette has begun speaking about the realities many must face in life. As a motivational and transformational speaker, it is her goal to open a dialogue that will mend deep-rooted issues for many. Her company is I Pen Visions, LLC, which hosts many of her ongoing projects. As the CEO, she has launched I Pen Magazine, a quarterly magazine, which birthed two Podcast streaming projects; I Pen Podcast – Let’s Talk About It, which streams weekly, and a monthly broadcast - Interviews, and Conversations, which features guest authors, producers, and all entrepreneurs.


It is her goal to become a successful speaker and author without limits, writing and producing plays that feature her poems as well as adaptations of her novels on the “big screen.” This diverse author is available for interviews, chats, signings, and speaking engagements. She welcomes all to contact her:


Phone: 201-284-1955

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