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Still Standing -

Are you a miracle?

- You weren't supposed to be here

- Difficulties and Challenges in life caused doubt

- Your health/family history hasn't been the best

Yet you're Still Standing; it's God's will... I am a miracle. I made it through. Philippians 4:6-8

"Don't be anxious about anything."... I was scared, but today... I asked myself, What are you worried about?

Worry drains abilities, responsibilities, and care while causing chaos and confusion. In many cases, we worry about things that may never happen. We don't often discuss all that we worry about. We include facts and suppositions to support the worry, never really understanding whether the outcome will be beneficial or remorseful. Unknown, yet we worry. Yet, we pray, research, invest time and efforts, and do everything we can to release some of what we do more than anything else.... worry.

We worry about things that we shouldn't concern ourselves with. Other people's business. How they live, how they get what they have, love who they love, excel or fail, we worry... whether it may have an effect on us or not.

Anxiety is brought on by worry. Anxious about the unknown can and will create health concerns. Stress is the result of anxiety and the root of worry. What we're going through will cause a disturbance in our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellness.

I am... Still Standing; it's God's will... I made it through.

*** Rest In God

I had to become aware of me. I questioned my faith, my belief in what I have read, and my experiences. I had to be patient in my understanding of my spirituality and how it related to my life and my well-being. Did I trust and truly believe?


I had to let go of what I thought was holding me together. I thought I had control, the ability to rearrange, change, and fix myself. It was God's will. It's not about my efforts. God brought it all to pass. I had to trust and believe ... I made it because of God.

***Behavior Changes Things

Who am I when I worry? Worry holds no strength, and it doesn't change a thing. Prayer changes things. Your health, your condition, desires change. Be determined to overcome.

Stop overthinking; quit worrying and listen in your quiet times. That nudge, that push, that internal voice speaks. You have to listen.

***Attitude- Rid Yourself of the Drama

Allow yourself to be open in your thoughts... I write. Self-expression is key. It's a way to listen to your thoughts. It doesn't have to be shared or filled with creativity, but it should rid you of the negatives. Journal your thoughts, prayers, personal awareness notes, and conversations with God; it all matters. TRUST YOUR FAITH, TRUST GOD. Give thanks and praise for where you are and where you're going. Change begins when you become aware of whom you give thanks to. Get excited about letting go, get excited about who you are to yourself, and get excited about your relationship with God and your faith.

***Are You Chasing What Needs Your Attention?

What's worth your attention? What's worth your time? Is it good, proper, or uplifting? Create positive energy in your spirit. What you had, have, and expect... You carry it all. Know when to empty the baggage, that load that weighs you down and brings forth worry. Empty the negatives, rid yourself of what the negative is filled with... worry. Your past is what you had, your present is what you have, and your future is what you expect. It all needs to lead to a life free of worry. Carry only what will alter your steps for a positive future.

Philippians 4:6-8

"Don't be anxious about anything."... What are you worried about? You are a miracle.

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