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Vance Chase, a well-known Casino/Resort investor and buyer moved from Canada to Las Vegas to build his empire. His connection with politicians, media personnel and other investors has guaranteed him a spot on the Forbes rich and famous listing.



A business meeting in Cancun proves profitable for business and romance. He finds new business and Seychelle Tudjal, a beauty from the Seychelles Island. Their love grows quickly as it becomes apparent that it could become their “happily ever after”. Vance’s attitude regarding women and business causes him to lose it all, including Seychelle.



Seychelle is determined to teach Vance a lesson in business and love. She outwits him and as she becomes the new owner of property and shares; the business Vance loses in the bidding war. Seychelle is looking to climb the ladder with or without him and she continues to be one step ahead of him.

A Hustler's Touch

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