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There’s a cliché that states one should not date their best friend. Whatever the reasons, the fear of losing a friendship or not finding true love; most use this cliché as a golden rule.


Six friends from McKinley High reunite for their ten-year class reunion. The group was put on a pedestal, both Dante Jefferson and Kalliah Carter were voted ‘most likely to succeed’; Stephon Drake was voted ‘most athletic’; Miles Baker was the President of the Student Body; Cherese Taylor was the captain of the Cheerleading Squad; and Brianne Gibson was in the National Honor Society. The memories of their past include deep rooted issues they avoided during those years of mixed experiences.


Their class reunion promises to fulfill Kalliah’s need for a vacation from her job and a shaky romance, while Dante needs to explore the remnants of their relationship before making a serious commitment to another. Stephon must take his life back from the street and crime he’s become addicted to. Miles is hoping to finally tell his friends how one of them has held his heart for more than ten years.


Cherese needs the support of her friends as she struggles to find her way out of a destructive marriage. Brianne must disclose her horrible high school encounter that would change how they all feel about her and those they are now connected and committed to. The reunion rekindles their friendships, and proves their relationships with each weakness, has its own strengths.

Bonded Betrayal

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