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Duplicity – The Mince Family Saga Continues…… D.Q.Enterprises have become a Fortune 500 Company. Darrell (‘Rell) Mince has managed to follow his father’s blueprint in building a family empire. The Mince men- Darryl, ‘Rell, and Derek are set in the wealth D.Q. Mince envisioned before his death. Life-changing events have caused them to become cautious. Darryl and Derek have partnered to manage Quintech Designs, while ‘Rell continues to be the President of D.Q. Enterprises. Just as it seems that all the family secrets have been revealed and the lies have been dispelled, revenge finds them as targets.


There are those who have been watching as D.Q.’s true heir builds the Mince family empire. An empire that they felt should in part, be theirs. The question is who else feels the way Tonya Mince feels? Tonya finds she is not alone in her quest to conquer, destroy, and finally take it all. A phone call and a visit have Tonya convinced she may need help. If she has help, she’ll have to share…..and that’s not in her plans.


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