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Why Heaven Sent Kisses?

Children have a different understanding of death. Parents don't always have the words or the conversation to explain the emotions they may feel. They may not openly express their grief to others.

Heaven Sent Kisses is told through the memories, thoughts, understanding, and voice of a five-year-old as she and her mother share the experience of her grandmother transitioning from her long-term illness.


Ameera King is a precocious five-year-old whose relationship with her grandmother has been altered after her elder was stricken with a terminal health condition.

Going through emotional changes and learning to deal with the loss of her daily companion, Ameera finds comfort in sitting in the large bay window in her home. There she sees a caterpillar whom she names, "Crawley".

The fuzzy friend becomes her solace. Ameera begins to express her thoughts she has about her grandmother, her health, their relationship, and "Crawley" becoming a butterfly.

The transition of the fuzzy caterpillar to a butterfly helps Ameera and her mother embrace the transition of their loved one.

Heaven Sent Kisses

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