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It’s not as simple as “Mind over Matter”. Often things that matter take over our minds. In times of change, our lives and all that it encompasses becomes difficult to manage. I present to you “Managing Your Madness." Managing your madness implies that one has revealed the need for change and is willing to take the necessary steps to better themselves. Change in one’s life is not instant, nor is it the same for everyone. The balance in life includes one’s ability to be healthy in all aspects. It all begins with a healthy mind. Being able to adapt a lifestyle of deliberate redirection for whatever reason, can become necessary for survival. It is the mindset that controls your thoughts. What you believe, have faith in, comes from your thoughts. Your thoughts are the prelude to your actions. “Managing Your Madness” explores what our innermost thoughts cause and reveal in our health and our living. This book is not written as a medical reference guide as I am not exploring mental health issues. Examples and information given is to bring attention to our daily interactions that if not viewed with a positive mind can cause social, physical, and mental discord.


“If you don’t like change, you won’t like growth.”

                                                              – Dr. George Fraser

Managing Your Madness

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