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The First Lady, Juanita Reynolds, of The First Zion Tabernacle Baptist Church has a hidden past. She hasn’t told the story to her husband, Reverend Geoffrey Reynolds during their fourteen years of marriage nor has it been mentioned during any of the Women in Christ Empowerment Seminars.


Jocelyn Adams has been raised by her father’s sister, Midge Adams since birth. She recognized the First Lady during a lecture she gave at Spelman College during her senior year. It sparked her interest in theology and she came to the church to learn more from the woman she always admired. As the young beautiful, prospective new member enters the church each Sunday she takes a seat in the rear of the church. Jocelyn is in awe of the woman who has encouraged many to recognize God in their life.


A daughter looking to mimic the life of her mother she has always felt was misunderstood is seeking to change her life and find her purpose. She’s praying for divine intervention.


A mother who thinks her daughter is there to ruin her life. As her past haunts her, she is unwilling to believe in divine intervention and seeks to discredit her own daughter to continue living her lie.

The Corner Pew

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