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Looking for a serious relationship, Mona treats men better than any other woman would.  With her beauty, charisma and self-sufficient attitude, she’s captivating to any man who has roving eyes. But after too many failed romances, she begins using the methods of the Black Widow spider… them and…..


Mona meets a new love interest Damien Tyson. She shares her concerns about his commitment with her friend and confidant, Kendra.  Kendra has her own issues with her love Jay Rand and when she is assaulted, it sparks the hidden anger Mona has for cheating men.  It becomes obvious, Mona is longer in control of her emotions. She admits her devious past, and her intentions for her next victim.  Kendra has not revealed that the sexy detective is her cousin and fears he will be Mona’s next victim. She is determined to change what is inevitable. Kendra tells Damien what she thinks Mona has done only to find she is now the one caught in the Black Widow’s web.

The Perfect Side Piece

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