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Brenda Preston, a victim of abuse, depression and self-pity has sought solace with her Pastor, Jacob Turner. She successfully put her past behind her; not giving a second thought to the memories her daughter might have had regarding the death of her father. As a friend and confidant, Pastor Turner has convinced her that she will never have to visit that era of her life again.

Dominique was seven when her father was murdered. Her mother, encouraged by the church community, was mindful not to mention the details of the murder, blaming an intruder who invaded their home in the middle of the night.

Dominique’s past has become a recurring nightmare that she fights in the privacy of her bedroom. Seeking to find answers regarding the nightmares, issues of intimacy and trust, she turns to a “dream interpreter,” Dr. Westlene Adashay. After sessions with Dr. Adashay, Dominique confronts her mother as she tries to interpret her shaded memories.

The Stranger Within

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