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2020 Let's Blame Others?

Updated: Feb 25, 2021

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Let’s Blame Others… Good, bad, or indifferent one must be able to detect and decide what to do about others. Knowing who you are, what you will and won’t accept, what you are capable of, and what your goals for self are, helps you confront others.

Let’s Blame Others… Your response to their actions, words, or just who they are, helps you decide your interaction with them. You need not know them personally for them to affect or have an effect on your living. Your job, relationships, how you manage your connections may depend on others.

“…one must be able to detect and decide what to do.…..”

If you’ve accepted, learned, or known anything about this year its how we all have a connection to others. This pandemic has brought out the worst and the best of some. But we can agree we must learn how to deal with the end result of their actions. Their beliefs, cultures, habits, weaknesses, and strengths have been unveiled, so have ours.

In recent happenings, We The People, need not include everyone. There is a clear distinction, a divide, when it comes to law and order, health and welfare, employment, and education. In the past some had options, we could find another job, choose another school for education, select another health coverage, relocate and begin again, and vote for or elect … others. The options today are vague, yet must be made. We must depend on other’s actions and beliefs. We are asked to trust other’s judgment. Then We The Divided People become responsible for the outcome.

“…we have been divided, where is the liberty and justice for all?”

The results have become obvious. We are not one nation, we’re definitely not guided under God, we have been divided, where is the liberty and justice for all? Let’s Blame Others… who are they? Are they us? Do we blame each and every one of us who have allowed our liberties and justice, this national divide to become the norm? How do we move forward as one knowing we have reached our limit of tolerance for the “isms”?

It’s 2020… Let’s Blame Others?

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