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325 Blocked...Robo Calls & Scams Don't Stop

Retirement, full days at home...your time is your own. I didn't give a thought to my time on my phone being spent blocking calls. Within the past five to six months I have blocked 325 calls. Not people that I no longer choose to associate with, these are people, companies, scammers, pain in the... calls seeking to convince me of my needs. Yes, scam programs set to defraud the person who, as I am, home.

I have a call block feature on my phone and to clarify, it is my land-line. My provider has a system set in and yes, with each one of these calls, I've blocked the number time and time again. My number is listed on the Federal Do Not Call List, but hey who is checking that list, certainly not when they can simply call from another number.

So what's the big deal. Don't answer the phone if you don't know the number. I have business calls, personal calls, and to be quite frank why shouldn't I answer my own phone without being inconvenienced by an illegitimate caller? It's an intrusion on one's personal life.

We all know the calls; Social Security, Medicare, Insurance which include a death insurance policy, loans, car shield protection, and selling your home. In each of these cases, there are at least ten numbers that change throughout the day with the same message. A few times I asked, didn't they just call, I recognized the voice. They've been rude, have no real customer service approach and they have even mentioned they can't get paid unless their message is conveyed. They've used numbers attached to private person's phones and upon returning the call, the person has no idea their number is being used.

Here are some of my answers, I figured I'd give them a bit of sarcastic humor and they'd stop calling... I'm at 325 so that method is not working either. Oh, and before you say to ask for a manager, or ignore the call... they still call again and again.

Notes for you:

Social Security and other government agencies will not call you. All correspondence from them will be mailed. No email or other communication will be received without first having mailed communication. I guess that would be logical since you can't just call them without waiting for hours.

My answer to them claiming they're from a government agency is asking for their legal department, a manager, or someone who can talk with my lawyer. Since any government business is legal I want to be sure I'm talking to the right personnel representing their department. Those calls ended.

Medicare is running rampant these days. They tell you it's the registration period or you're approaching the age where you may qualify for benefits or discounts. Medicare does not call you directly. It's a step-by-step process that involves Social Security and it may include your current insurance and what is available to you through your policy. If you have questions call your provider first. They can guide you through the process of signing up for Medicare and what options are available to you.

Death Insurance Benefits. I don't know about you but in my life insurance policy, there is a death benefit rider. Most policies are bought for that reason. But if there is a need for the policy, do your own search for the benefits. You'll be on to glory and your family may be stuck with a policy that is useless. Check thoroughly before agreeing to sign with someone who just happened to call you. Also, I feel that after the last two years this particular call is heartless. Imagine you're going through cancer treatments or some other lifelong illness and the caller wants to give you a death benefit. Most who have been confronted with an immediate need for coverage don't wait for a scam call to sign on.

Car Shield and selling your home... well they really keep getting this one wrong. The car and home they continue to call me about I no longer own. It's been years since I owned either, so if they don't have the correct record, why would I entertain their offer. Again, ask about the legal documents, do your research.

We've heard it before. If you didn't call them for business, then what do they really want. They call to collect information for other use. Don't fall for it. We've told them all sort of crazy information on the days when you figure, "why not annoy them". I've even asked do they use the product or sell it to their family. They are determined, to say the least. 325, when I saw the number of blocked numbers in my phone log all I thought was why? If they get paid for each call, they truly make their money. The aggravation they give those of us on the other end, well... gotta go, 326 is calling.

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