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Are We Contagious

As we scatter to hide, run for cover or simply put on a mask, in today’s world are we contagious? The sermon this past Sunday asked that very question. Are we wearing various masks for our protection or is it to protect who we are?

The physical mask, keep us as well as others protected. We can become contaminated, as told by the media, CDC, and our physicians if we don’t take precautions. After all, germs spread can cause sickness, hospitalization and even death. A virus of sorts can wipeout multitudes and we must take precautions.

That’s not the contamination I want to talk about, although it is extremely important. Can we become contaminated by that which others spew? Their thoughts, actions, and deeds. Can we become infected or numb to the occasional rise in violence, abuse, lack of respect and morals? We prepare for immediate protection from rare diseases hoping we don’t need a cure that is not readily available. But what about the disease we see daily, the infectious behaviors, attitudes, and words that have the same effect as the spread of a virus?

“…Can we become contaminated by that which others spew? Their thoughts, actions, and deeds. Can we become infected or numb to the occasional rise in violence, abuse, lack of respect and morals?…”

We know these actions, misbehaviors, sins that paralyze communities, to be deadly. Are we masked, are we or have we ever been prepared for it is contagious? Are we comfortable enough to ignore a cure? Can we stand a remedy, an overhaul, a solution? We march for it. We shout out its wrongs? Yet we live with the infections. Do we truly seek help? We all turn to prayer at one time or another. Whether in private, at the bedside of our loved ones, or attending the funeral of the young life that couldn’t take it anymore.

As deadly as a virus we live in a society that is ill and someone, many are contagious. A virus that one thinks can be cured by drugs, suicide, and abuse. The list of diseases that are spread from ill behavior, lack of morals and respect, the attitudes that will never qualify for employment, school, or relationships is never-ending.

We become contaminated. Are we protected? Where is our hope for protection? Can this be our demise?

We all seek peace. Peace of mind, spirit, and soul. Many seek refuge in religion, scripture and positive readings, self-help groups or coaches, yoga, and exercise. Faith, love, and happiness. Often when things happen, it is time to be still. Your mind, body, and soul become one in stillness. God allows us to see what we often ignore. Our peace, our lifestyles, how we made it through is what needs to be contagious. We need to be contaminated by peace. Being contagious with goodness is an invitation for others.

“…Do we truly seek help? We all seek peace. Peace of mind, spirit, and soul….”

People are filled with temporary happiness. But when you live with peace in your heart and mind, you are blessed in spirit and faith. It’s a permanent contagion. Peace is everlasting and is found in knowing yourself, your heart, your spirit. What can you give? Your priorities change so that you can share what you have with others.

You are looked at differently. Others question how you overcame your struggles, what is your story? There will be those who doubt your achievements, your progress, your blessing. But your faith in knowing you are protected will keep you. There will be those you simply have to show before you tell them they are blessed.

Infected with goodness, with success, with overcoming the odds. Spreading that virus is so needed today. If you’ve been blessed, took that time to sit still and listen to your spirit, done what others told you would never be… Your faith needs to be a contagion. Your actions and faith changed your life and it will change others. Each one share with one until we are all masked against the sickness that exists today. Yes, we’re fearful of what the media, CDC, and others prepare for but there’s more than one killer out there. One that won’t be cured by a vaccine. It takes those of us that have been infected with faith and successful living to become contagious.

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