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Bad Decisions Are Detours... Not Permanent Destinations

It's the conclusions that we fear. "I've got to live with it..."

It's our emotions... they rattle, we make daily decisions based on the internal voice; they speak to us, and often, we decide without thinking. A bad decision, we regret it, but... we can't take it back. We want to re-live the moment, but life moves forward. The results can and will cause change. Why, how, when, what if... What made me do that? What was I thinking?

We were willing to stand on our decisions until... There is a positive side: we're not bound to bad decisions. We can move on, deal with the consequences, and learn from the experience. There are blessings in the battles, confusion, and making bad decisions. It is a part of our growth. We must believe our confusion in making decisions; bad choices can make new paths. It can begin a new next, recognizing who we are, what causes our relations, and what stirs our emotions.

Don't rush to judgment or be blind to what's real. Your decisions should be based on the reality of the situation. You may have to pause, gather information, understand other parties involved... and then decide. You've got to live with your choice and pay attention to what was and will be. You may have to pull back the mask trouble wears.

A loss can be a win; a challenge can be beneficial. The dark renders to the light, and what you see is what it is... no matter how one wants to convince you, it's not what you heard or saw. If it feels wrong, it probably is. Live with that bad decision; it holds consequences and your spirit. You're committed to your choices. Admitting your error sets up the blessing. Your eyes are now open to making good decisions.

Your path is lined with bad decisions. We learn to walk after we experience the falls, those bad decisions. Now, as you walk, walk boldly, not above anyone; the experience is a part of your past. We all have those experiences. Recognize and admit ... "I did, but I've learned... I am aware and I can move on with no regrets."

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