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Built for the Fight

We don't always know what others are facing or going through. Outside influences cause us to react in ways we sometime can't explain. The fight is constant, and we must be ready to stand firm in our beliefs. Preparing for a fight that battle, we are equipped with the basics; stance, movement, power, and praise.

Taking the proper stance is based on what we know and our beliefs. We prepare for the argument, the change we've avoided, and the fear of failing; as we continue to fall, we get up without giving any thought to our need to be steady in our stance. What and where can we turn for support? Who do we or can we depend on? Your stance needs encouragement and inspiration. Ask for support, and seek and understand your teachings, lessons, conversations, kinship, and observations of those who stand with you. You must recognize and believe in your strengths. Relationships with God, family, and friends are a gift for development and growth. Your stance is more potent when you believe.

You can't fight any situation without knowing how to move. There is power in each move made when you overcome and win. Each time you win, you defeat the stress and anxiety that overcomes you when you fail. Your stance is confirmed; you can't stand still, and your desire to move forward is a must. You can't remain where you are in life; you're more assertive with the support of your stance and belief. You will have to face challenges as they come, but you are no longer afraid of the battle. You may need to avoid situations and people that mean you no good. You may need to push back to push forward. You may need to watch your back, your surroundings, and what comes in your face.

You need the power to push back the people who attack your visions and dreams. You need the power to maintain and protect your stance as you're rejected and frowned upon. Your power is mental, physical, and spiritual. Your power is in knowing you and the strength within your talent and praise. God has given you a purpose, a reason to fight, and what is needed to win.

With your stance, movement, and power, you will have to deal with many who will challenge your why. Your visions, dreams, and choices empower your decision to answer why. Why not? Why not seek to win, fight for what you want on your journey, and not stand for what you believe? Some will be jealous of your accomplishments, your strength to overcome, and your ability to give thanks. You've been given a purpose, a reason to move on, a reason to fight. You've prayed for success, family protection, health, and your dreams for a better life. You've covered yourself, your family, and your loved ones in prayer. You took a stance with movement and power for your life and theirs.

If needed, you'd fight again and again... You are Built For It.

Praise is my weapon... I Stand, Move, and with the Power of Praise, I am steadfast... I know I am built for the fight.

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