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Celebrating The Ebony Lady

One cannot be evasive when speaking of such a woman.

From her start in time she has been a steadfast model for

all to follow. Her existence is second to none, and shared

only by those fitting in this elite group of beings.

God bestowed upon us these women with unbending

characters, determined minds and undying love. Their

love carries on from childbirth, through trials and

tribulations, marriages, and divorce our lost is found in

their death.

Determination is her strength and her chosen path in life is

to reach her goals. Though the path proves at times to be

a darkened labyrinth her journey never ends. Pleased at

her accomplishments she climbs the ladder toward success

with her worries and troubles daring her to falter with the

hopes she may fall.

Characters are molded and shaped by the personalities we

create, but the Ebony Lady has a character created by

time. As years go on her beauty glows as her wisdom

becomes the nucleus of her being. She is open minded,

understanding, sensitive and sensual. Her capability to

remain the same has amazed many generations, but is

understood by all.

She has withstood slavery, led the Underground Railroad

and marched for civil rights. Praise must be given to the

women who stands by her man for better or worse,

keeping that “Dream” in mind. Appreciation is deserved

when the dreams are tattered and her nerves are worn but

forward she pushes toward single parenting. What

courage God has blessed her with for onward she moves

toward unfulfilled hopes and dreams.

The Ebony Lady cannot be replaced nor rewarded. She

does what comes natural with the strength God has given


The Ebony Lady cannot be replaced or rewarded. She

does what comes natural with the strength God has given


The Ebony Lady is any woman’s reason to become

somebody and lead the nobodies. As women we must

uncover the Ebony Lady we have hidden deep inside.

Thoughts Copyright 1998 Nanette M. Buchanan

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