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According to the rules... How often have we noticed alterations, a new format for all to follow, and the interaction that causes disruption? How often have they been swayed, neglected, changed, or ignored?

Whose laws are these we follow that are continuously questioned? Are they equal, fair, and just... and if so, for whom? Today, laws are erased, switched, changed, overlooked, and limited by one's race, culture, or sex. The claim is to change for the better... but better for what population? Education cuts, job applications, and rules and regulations no longer exist.

History is erased, and what we don't know won't allow us to continue to grow. They have begun to cut our roots...anything that grows, anything that produces fruit or seeds, needs its roots.

Wake Up! Stay Woke! It's been buried for years, but we are being dug up on the grounds of fear. This is no longer God's country if only some of the people are recognized. This way of eradicating History, this racial change and attack is not God's way. Facts in all religions say nothing about destroying the history of any culture.

Wake UP! Stay Woke! What you do today matters tomorrow. What was done yesterday is showing up today. No longer whispers behind closed doors, contained in one community or church, no longer in special meetings or groups... it's all exposed. We're mixed and in it all. Racial discrimination, crime, lack of support in communities... it's now our everyday life. Those in office, the heads of families, schools, our cities, states, and government, have given their reigns to chaos and confusion... Given in and Given up.

Wake Up! Stay Woke! Where lies your beliefs, where lies your faith, where lies the solution if it all shows we have no connection to our past, no understanding of the going ons of today, and no concern for tomorrow?

Wake Up! Stay Woke! In the spirit, we will all have to come together and renew our spiritual strength. We've all said that silent prayer for our homes and this nation. Understanding the words said in prayer, reading in scripture, following in our beliefs... we must believe in together we can. We've learned to live in defense, and in prayer, we live in offense. Another history that holds relevance. It doesn't matter what the religion is; it speaks a universal language...a connection.

So busy, yet sleeping, busy with life, relationships and money. Thinking we need to hang on, hold on. Wake up to a reconnection of beliefs and faith, and have a sense of conviction and repentance. Stay woke. Understanding your mistakes counts in this nuance. It has also added to today's problems: acceptance holds guilt. What are we doing to save ourselves? If we don't fix us... our homes, our schools, churches, government... where do we stand? Cause or solution? Wake Up! Stay Woke! We're losing our history, our people, our being.

Open your eyes... look into the eyes of others. They have the same fears and the same tears, and if their eyes are closed, the world is truly becoming blind. Wake Up... the alarm is ringing. Stay woke; ain't no time for napping.

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