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Cooking for Success... Have You Prepared Your Best Meal?

If you were to cook a large meal... a Sunday dinner, you would start with what you wanted to eat or serve. You'd buy and prepare the meat, vegetables, salads, bread, dessert, drink...all to complete the meal for yourself and others to share.

You find you're missing ingredients that without them you can't complete the preparation and you wouldn't dare eat or serve a meal that didn't have all of the ingredients for a healthy and good tasting meal. Eggs, butter, oil, seasoning, the proper cooking utensils, the stove, the oven...all that is needed must be had or supplied. You have to invest in all the parts to complete the meal.

You have to set the time aside to have the meal ready when guests arrive or when you plan to eat. Your goal is preset, when do I want this completed, how much time do I need, have I set aside enough time for this meal to be done? You pre-plan, setting expectations for completion. You have the ingredients, you prepare the food only to be flawed by not cooking or baking it long enough.

This is in long-form what we do regarding our business, our visions, dreams, and goals for success. In life, we have the vision, we acquire the necessary tools, we invest in time, and we must be patient to see it evolve. Overnight success is a microwave approach... and it's not the same as that Sunday feast. Everything in this journey happens when we nurture it. Investing in self, no matter what the ambition, or desire, takes time to grow. It can't be rushed.

Prepare your next steps, your next vision, your next goal, as you would that Sunday meal. Give it deep thought, understand you will need your ingredients, you may need to invest in what you don't have. You may need to set a timer for each step you take, you may not be able to complete it all at once. (You can't overfill your oven, there's limited space for cooking). Don't put too much on you, monitor your timing.

And feast!! Celebrate the small portions of success, accomplishments, taking the next step. Don't overload your plate, or stuff yourself tasting samples that are offered. The best meal is often your own, simply because you can change the ingredients, the next can always be anew.

You are your best when you're filled with the best of what you've prepared.

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