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Finding Your Peace...If you found it... would you know it?

When the heart and mind are at peace... fear no longer exists. Creating a life of peace must include a willingness for change. The ability to avoid chaos or confusion. Confused emotions bring on what builds to stress, anxiety, fear, nervousness...etc. None of which co-exist with peace.

  1. Avoid chaos at all cost, changing what you can... including you and your reactions to situations and the actions of others is the first step to finding peace.

  2. Re-direct your energy. It will shift your immediate thoughts, stay focused on what benefits you.

  3. Calming techniques... Breathing exercises, yoga, meditation. Stay aware of what calms your spirit. Reading, taking naps, mini-vacations, travel...etc.

  4. Understand your triggers. Know your limits and abilities. Knowing what situations cost you your peace.

  5. Set boundaries. Your personal space is important. Not everyone needs to be in your inner circle.

Finding your peace may not be immediate. There will be those who will notice a change in your behavior, attitude, and response to your relationship with them and others. Be patient with them learning you and you learning yourself. Change, causes people to notice. It will cause you to notice. Your daily patterns may change, your responses to others may change, your health may change. You may recognize the change daily, others may deny the new you. Realize it is your peace you seek.

Where is your peace? It lies within you. No situation, no relationships, no promises of what will be... your blessings of peace are a part of who you are.

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