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Going to the next level - In conclusion, Part 2

There's a higher power... even if you believe it's you. God's grace, our belief, faith, and hope brings about a change. Stay in your beliefs, have faith and trust... you will move forward.

Change takes time; it's a process. Be expectant, be patient, and trust if it's meant for you... You will receive it. We are expected to rise, to become the best we can be. Be expectant, be patient, be trusting, as a believer, be faithful. We set a path, and though we find challenges and obstacles change our course, it's expected. We must believe in our path, we must believe we can and will rise, and we must understand that our mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual being must be aligned. Know that our GPS is working as we believe it should and does.

The detours, the dead ends, the other direction. Following others, returning to old habits, or standing still will hinder your steps. Understand where you are destined to be. It is your route to follow.

Ignore the limitations others give you...excuses. Your trust in that higher power has no limit. Your belief in yourself has no limit. What is expected from you? It may be less than what your belief, trust, and faith will deliver. Don't diminish your goals to satisfy those who thought you wouldn't make it. God's grace... believe it... and continue to step...

I'm moving forward; I'm moving on... God has blessed me, and I'm following my GPS. God's plan for Success... take the next step.

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