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Happy Sunday - No One Prayed For This

Happy Sunday... Preparing for morning prayer, peace, a moment of giving thanks for it all. There are times when I pray without giving thought, you know just overall prayer. This morning, I want to be specific...and I will.

As we open as a community, society, nation, and world to post COVID-19 we need not lose what we've experienced and learned. Everyone matters... during this pandemic many of us needed someone that we didn't know, and under normal circumstances may have never met. We lost loved ones, friends, and associates and couldn't be close to them in their final days to tell them how much we loved them or would miss them. We've battled crisis after crisis, some without a knowledge of how, why, or when... we prayed

We had to learn how to react without a plan, without anything or anyone being able to say "the last time this happened", this pandemic was unseen, unheard of, and believe it or not the reality is... it devasted the world. Now that we've gone through what seems the worse of it, now that we are recovering, now as we find our way back to the "norm", we need prayer.

There's a higher authority, God, Allah, Yahweh, Buddha, or whomever you choose to worship, or praise... one who brings you peace in your quiet time. It's time to connect, it's time for the good in you to be shared with the good in others. That's what ultimately got us through this crisis, the good in others. Those who worked continuously volunteered and gave to those who lost, they stood by those who needed support and surrendered who they were to provide for those who were lost or fading in faith, they continued to give of themselves to those who gave up and gave in. We as a world were weakened yet, able to overcome.

Yes, I pray, you pray, those of us who pray, want peace. We want to live in a world where there is no question about our servitude to others, or willingness to give. We want to understand that we are only as strong as our weakest. We want to live our best lives mentally, physically, and emotionally. We need to be stable for ourselves and our loved ones. But we need to recognize what we refused to see or say aloud, "We as a people, need people." So today I pray that we as a nation awakening to the "norm" see the "essential" personnel, those we didn't notice prior to COVID-19. I pray we think of the neighbor, the relative, or the friend, who lives alone. I pray we seek health care, insurance, and those needs we pushed to the "I'll do it later" category... because now is never late. I pray we give because it's the right thing to do and understand that it need not be monetary. I pray that we give thanks, understanding that we have a purpose to fulfill, that is why we are still here. I pray we remain humble in our giving, humble in our sharing, humble in our receiving peace of mind knowing our loved ones are well and safe.... I'll pray for you... You know what you can do for me.

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