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If You're Happy And You Know It...How's Your Health

Each year, during the annual celebrations of our birth or New Year's we tend to re-set a new. We promise to change, we re-evaluate our previous year noting the good, the bad, and well, the challenges. We give ourselves the once over, physically, mentally, and spiritually. Year after year, we promise and often don't reach our goal for change.

We can list the reasons, the excuses. Truth or circumstances, we miss the mark again and again. We just make the same promise without giving thought to why we find ourselves no better than we were the year before. It's about our mindset, the mind must be set on change.

It is our mind that controls our actions. It formulates habits based on those actions. Changing the actions without a conscious decision will not create new habits. You can't be on a "diet" for a week and expect your eating habits to change. There are actions, reactions, thoughts, habits, etc. that become patterns. Those set in our mind that we do without actually given our action a second thought.

There are habits that have negative reactions. Habits that cause physical and mental pains and conditions. Without changing our mindset we continue to live unhealthily yet for that year-end moment, we promise to change.

Many of our health issues need a professional diagnosis. Even when we know we're feeling bad we skip going to the physician to hear the news. Our diet, our sleep patterns, exercise, all need a new habit, a change, a mindset adjustment to benefit our lifestyle and living.

It's madness, as we get older we allow this madness to becomes the habit.

We stress, build anxiety, react to others' situations, and madness and it all is reflected in our health. High blood pressure, heart conditions, breathing problems, our sleep patterns all reflect the habit. "Managing Your Madness - A Lifestyle of Deliberate Redirection", my book written after diagnosis of Cancer was my wake-up call.

We can't worry about the unknown, or what we can't control. But what about us, our mindset, that which we are in control of? Do we create our own problems, health conditions, family discord, job madness? Do we expect change from others and not ourselves? What's healthier for us, their changing or ours? Tapping into your world, your mindset, and making a change can be a healthy choice. A positive mind has limitless possibilities.

Start with the reading of my book... "Managing Your Madness - A Lifestyle of Deliberate Redirection" ...has helped many.

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