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Etiquette, when did we, as a people, a community on social networking, in our daily lives, our neighborhoods, in our homes; when did we dismiss having etiquette.

Here on Social Media, we invite others into our world. Personal or professional we post about our lives, our careers, our experiences, our network. We seek followers, friendship, relationships, customers, clients, and employees. We talk to others from all cultures, backgrounds, beliefs, and statuses. Yet, we tend to forget common courtesies

.No one is looking for insults, crude comments, tension, or a display of disrespect, whether the media site is for pleasure, business, or informative... etiquette, being respectful, manners should be a norm. The best thing about the pages is you can choose not to respond. Simply scroll on. Etiquette...

Understand your response, unknowingly can direct, redirect, advise, ill-advise, enable or disenable, one's ability to move forward with their careers, business, or daily lives. Your comment can be a trigger to an underlying problem and although you may think it mere expression it can cause the fate of one's life to change.

Negative truths hurt. Need they be said publicly, open expression to display a bit of power? A display of arrogance, or the ability to belittle another? The comments I've read on many sights cause eyebrows to raise, questions to be asked, and humiliation for those who simply want to purge a thought, or a problem.

To be scammed by business propositions, to be degraded business professionals, friends, and family. As humans, who are we as a people if the idea of public posts constantly gives one the indication that embarrassment is acceptable? Granted there are some pages set for just that, comedy included can be embarrassing and crude, but understanding where you're posting and who you respond to before you cause another to disconnect is important.

We're living in trying times and these pages are an outlet for many. We post about support for people going through health and mental crisis yet we celebrate the crude, rude, discouraging comments made by others. We're better than that, I pray.

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