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How do we get up after being knocked down? A crisis that we think will change us forever. We have convinced ourselves that we will not be able to rebound. We are caught in circumstances, often those we've created. We seldom admit that by our own actions, and reactions we have buried ourselves with problems.

Our first thought is often to walk away, give up or give in. The destination set will no longer be the focus but the downfall if we continue on the path we've designed. We thought we could walk away from it and be...okay. But as an afterthought what lessons, blessings, or needs will we lose in a negative transition.

We can't walk away without changing what is...we must make the choice to be different. We find, during this struggle the need to fight..."GET UP" we seek a rebound. A rebound, an action that requires action, a follow-through. What is to happen once we have found our footing, once we now have full possession of our mind, body, and soul...and problems. What action must one take to move forward, to heal, and meet future goals?

Fighting sickness, bad relationships, financial woe...we need to make choices that will cause us to rise.. GET UP.

Where do we go to get the strength, the support, the courage to get up? We seek a blessing, we say a prayer, we attach ourselves to our beliefs and faith. We become convinced that "God has not brought me this far..."

You've been given the strength to see the need to Get Up... the need to rebound, what is your next? God has made sure you possess the necessary means to be better, to get better, to do better, the ability to Get UP and move forward. What more is needed?

What's your next? You've been there... be there for others. There are many seeking support after their rebound. The guidance to move forward, to hang on, to Get Up. The lessons you've learned, the experience, your rebound, and recovery are what they need to hear. There's a reason we've all been able to Get Up and move on, and it is to pass on our blessing of healing.

Do you believe? Than GET UP!!

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