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Just Keep Living...

"Just keep on living..." my grandmother's words resonate with me as I do just that... As long as I can remember, my grandmother's "job" was having wisdom. I mean, she didn't work a nine to five. She was a pianist for her church having various choirs that she organized, wrote music for, and of course directed. But she didn't have a boss or employment that I knew about. But she had wisdom.

We often lean on our experiences to gain knowledge of what to do, how to handle a matter, or when to walk away leaving the problem where it stands. As I got older, asked questions, presented situations, or sought solutions... I'd rationalize, dispute, and voice my knowledge with my grandmother and her reply was often... "Just keep on living".

Now, after schooling, employment, marriage, mothering, retirement, and entrepreneurship... and living a little, I understand and reflect. I'd love to talk to her about today. I can see her smiling, slowly shaking her head at the change in our time in comparison to hers. I can imagine her silent thoughts, pauses, and nods of agreement, or frowns as I ask about worldly news. I can feel her disappointment in situations that didn't need to go as far as they have. And that's when she'd say... "Just keep on living".

My grandmother was my rock, my everything, my all in all... she passed shortly after my son was able to go to daycare and her words of wisdom.... well...We all have those voices that seem to keep us steady while we live and learn. Whether personal or professional, we cannot live or survive if we don't "Just Keep On..." We have to establish what it is to live, how do we survive the challenges and obstacles? How do we avoid the obstacles without losing what we've gained?

In today's world... our living... has its freedoms as well as restraints, all necessary yet often creating the deep meaning of "Just keep". We give seeking to gain, we gain seeking to, yes, live abundantly. Yet, when we take a moment to evaluate our gains, losses, and the undetermined, we often find that if we just keep on... we will eventually learn the value in it all.

"Just keep". I now find comfort in the phrase whereas in my younger years I'd take a deep breath knowing the conversation would end on my grandmother's response. There would be no further dialogue unless days later I would recap or give an update. I now know I had to experience some things on my own to understand her advice years prior. My "AHA" moment wouldn't come until I had been through the necessary "living".

Professionally and personally, I have had the thought of "Just Keep On..." despite the unknown outcome, the struggle, or the challenges. We all must face our next with the intent to "Just Keep On..." As we live and learn... "Just Keep On..."

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