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Know There's Value In Each Broken Piece Of Your Life...

When your life is in pieces, broken, scattered, or worn, know there's value in each piece...

Being in pieces will change your thoughts, interrupt your dreams, blackout your vision, and change your direction. You begin to notice things just "ain't what they used to be", what they should be, or what they seem to be. You have no clarity, and you begin to question your ability to move on.

You may ask, "Has my life been shaken beyond my control? Has my life fallen from grace, can it not be redeemed? Is my life, these broken pieces, not worth restoring, or healing?

We pray, we ask ourselves, what shall we do? What must we do?

The broken pieces cause a need for change. It is clear that if we don't change we will lose all we have gained, all we fought for, all that has been promised. In desperation we realize it is what we focus on that consumes us... (1) Focus on the positive. Without changing our mindset, we will continue to self-destruct (2) Re-direction, change. When faced with our reality, it is then and only then that we can begin to understand that the pieces no matter how scattered have value (3) Tell the truth, reveal the pain. Healing is on the path of recovery (4) Be inspired.

Understand our pieces, broken and frayed are blessings for ourselves and others. The pieces become our footprints and during our time of struggle, it is through our spiritual awareness that these footprints lead us when our vision is obscured. Recognize the value, each scattered, torn, or broken piece completes. We are blessed to be a blessing... Reveal, Heal, and Inspire...In your growth, you and others will grow.

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