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Choices... We are all free to make choices...

Yes, or No, Now or Never, Stop or Go...

So... Why do we argue when one chooses?

Do or Don't, Will or Won't, Can or Can't

What will not be tolerated is...

We cannot choose to infringe on others...

The choice belongs to one, one person, one group,

I, You, Individually can and will choose... but

Not to Infringe on others or their choice to simply

Choose... Their right to make a choice

Freedom to choose... Freedom of choice

I have the Right to Choose

Understanding the consequences

Should and will only affect ...

Me... and if not..

Will my choice affect you?

This question of choice has been brought to the forefront during the COVID-19 Pandemic, however, there hasn't always been a viable solution. There have and will always be consequences to making choices. Often there is a good, bad, often ugly, win or loss. During the pandemic, the choice of getting the vaccine has caused panic, chaos, the loss of jobs, the loss of lives. However, there are those who choose not to be vaccinated. Though the choice is theirs, the possible consequence affects others.

The argument has been the mandate. No one should be mandated they should have and do have the freedom to choose. The problem? They don't like the consequence.

"I have the freedom to choose not to be vaccinated, but you can't stop me from travel, being in mixed crowds, visiting an elder or family in the hospital or home. I shouldn't be banned from sporting activities or events. I should be choose."

Infringing on the rights of others simply because one has the freedom of choice, is not right. It doesn't allow others to enjoy their freedom. Those who travel have followed the guidelines mandated for safe travel. No one enjoys the rules, no one wants to go through the mandated guidelines, and no one wants to take the chance of spreading the disease.

Yes, freedoms... we all want them but there needs to be an understanding of how we use them. Never should we use them to infringe on others. Our expectations of being an exception because of our freedom is an infringement on the very thing we want for ourselves.

Mask or no Mask? If we could pinpoint the exact time and place one contracts this virus would we be satisfied with the freedom argument? One makes the choice not to follow the guidelines, mandates, or any of the methods to avoid spreading this virus. This person comes into contact with a family member of mine, yours, or a friend who has had the vaccine, who wears the mask, and is doing all they can to stay healthy. However, they are the target because of the indirect contact made with this individual. The "freedom" of the other individual has infected and infringed on the right of the other.

I'm not against anyone's choices. You choose a soup, I don't like it, I have the right to refuse it. I'm not subjected to tasting it, digesting it, or it going through my system. I have the right not to be affected by anything you choose to eat. What you digest doesn't affect me... but in this case, you having the virus can kill me or anyone else that you come in contact with if your choice is not to be vaccinated. This is not assumed it's proven. No need for statistics or guessing what are the chances, one chance is too much when the result is death.

I'm all for freedom when it doesn't infringe or affect the rights of others. There are those who want the privileges to continue when they refuse to support the rights of others. "Me" is the important factor, not "You". Really?? Protect you...protect me, or deal with the consequences that will protect me.

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