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The next level...Part 1

We're created to move forward, to become better. There is no reason for anyone not to believe our next will bring more. Where we are now is not our next, not our final achievement or destination. There's so much more. God's purpose is ongoing throughout our lives.

We are not stuck; it's a pause for us to recognize where we are. Accept being stuck is temporary; we can move on in preparation for the next. We must look beyond our today. We need no confirmation or validation.

Move on, and don't worry about who won't move with you. No one can keep you from your next, even if you don't know when or how you are destined. To move forward, progress and prepare for our next, realize you have a purpose. Nothing can stop what God has for us. The nudge in our spirit won't allow us to turn back or stand still.

Trust; do we truly understand our purpose? Who set us on this path? Who is leading us? Why are there no directions? What is our next? How can we truly enjoy life's experiences? We need to understand what was... need not be our forever. We have been taught to work for our blessings. Finding success still nudges our spirit, and that nudge keeps us seeking success even when we're reluctant to move forward.

Trust and belief in God brings about spiritual calm. It gives us understanding. Our next is a gift from God. Trusting and believing takes us beyond. We must use the roadmap in life. I call it my GPS... God's Plan for Success. It's my trust that sets the pace.

Even if you don't understand the path you've traveled or why you had to face its obstacles and challenges. Trust and believe your next is waiting for you to take the next step.

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