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'Tis The Season - It's About Family

Family... the topic of the season. Well, the topic since the onset of the pandemic. The topic for many who have lost family in more ways than one. The missing persons in our lives, those who left impressions both positive and negative live with us long after we've moved on, or they're gone.

Reality... we all must face realities within our journey and the part of their journey that touches ours. Tis' the season to reunite, embrace and understand the meaning of family because tomorrow ain't always promised.

Some of our mental and emotional balance depends on the relationships we keep and let go. We seem to think that our willingness to forget the past will somehow remove the pains of the future. The empty seat at the holiday dinner, the loss of laughter at the gathering, the smile or nod nudges our souls each time we remember. It's not about the moments of discord, secrets, or disappointments; it's about relationships that have been lost or shattered. Missed communications, lack of visits, social distancing, and misunderstandings are now compounded with fear of new pains this holiday season.

What we find in our fears is questioned in our quiet times. Why, why not, how, when... the time is now. Reach out this season, not just through your charity work, your church members, your co-workers, the holiday parties, your friends who have taken the place of your family. Reach out and make an effort to connect, re-connect. If for no other reason than... 'Tis The Season.

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