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When You're Up Against The Odds... Your Best, Steps Forward

This video is proof... there are no challenges you can't overcome when you're determined. We don't always know the outcome, but we must be prepared, mentally and emotionally to face the challenge. Watch the video here... twice, because you'll question what you saw.

The Challenge... It's obvious, that it's a race for "Lay-Lay" who has been presented with a problem she, nor her fans expected. She's prepared to run a 200-meter race. She has her mind set as the starter gives the command to run and... her shoe comes off.

In life, we prepare ourselves for an expected outcome. Win or lose we understand we are in competition with others and it is our preparation prior to the challenge that propels us to compete. Our success is in the ability to compete and finish without unexpected obstacles. Now in life, we'd complain about fairness. The others didn't have to face what we had to face, how am I expected to succeed when I'm at a disadvantage. Everyone should understand my need to get another chance at it.

The Race... "Lay-Lay" does not have a better lane, the staggered start puts her at a disadvantage... well that's another story, but she has to run harder from her position before the race begins. We as spectators, don't know how long she's been training, or if the sport is recreational. However, what do you see in this young runner? First, I'd say she's a novice in the sport, any seasoned runner would have run without the shoe. I would have marveled at watching this little star's performance as she finished without all of her equipment. So we'll just say "equipment failure" caused a delay in her start of this race. As she comes off the turn it seems, as it does in most 200-meter races, that she's found herself in the mix. Did you see the determination, as she changed into a different stride? Most call that the "kick", the effort to do one's best as the end of the race draws near.

Now in life, how determined are we when we lose our equipment? When we don't have all we need, or somehow missed the mark what do we do? Outwardly complaining, making excuses, or not showing up at all, would be some of the reactions. The assumption would be, that it would be senseless to continue without the equipment that would assist in at least competing. No, it wouldn't guarantee you'd win, but you'd feel better being fully equipped. If one decided to face the challenge, late, behind others, the attitude may not have been determination, more like desperation. Can we make up for it... maybe not, once the race is run, you may no longer be a part of the competition.

The Spectators - Now, "Lay-Lay" finished in high fashion, an astounding first-place winner of her race. As you can hear, she has support, family, teammates, and friends, I would dare to say. I'm sure the race, "when she went to get her shoe" will be remembered. But what you didn't hear was doubt, fear, giving in, or giving up. You hear them cheering her on, encouraging the youngster to finish. It didn't matter that she won... just finishing was important.

In life, this journey is a challenge, with or without our equipment to face the obstacles we have. There's always someone who seeks the level of success we see. They have the same dreams and visions we have. We must be determined to complete each step, accept the challenge and push through realizing we are able. Yes, there are naysayers but our supporters will always shout and stand out for us. Now, look at that race "Lay-Lay" ran again. I've watched it several times, smiled, and shed a tear for the lesson she taught.

The race ain't over... no matter when you start... keep running.

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