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Happy People- How Do We Get To The Other Side?

Happy People!!

Have you ever been around those who seem to never be on the low side of energy? Bubbly in the morning, noon, and afternoon... a painted permanent smile. The never-ending, "I'm blessed"... no matter what you ask when greeting them. Those you want to walk away from hoping not to catch the TOO HAPPY syndrome they suffer from...

Well, have you considered either of these possibilities...?

1. Their happiness is their protection from their realities. A cover to make it through, a mask shielding them from exposure for various reasons.


2. It's real. They are genuinely happy, feeling blessed, saved... the response to their "been there, done that, ain't got to deal with it no more".

Have you been there? You have to go through something if you can sing, preach, praise, and find peace.... even if it's only for the time spent away from the problems. Especially if it's knowing you've finally gone through it. It's necessary to go through some mess, the challenge, the confusion, the chaos to recognize an internal peace.

We've been there... walked through the dark times... that valley, our journey through. We hear ourselves, our elders. We've been told, "Keep living and see...", "Hang on, hold on...", "It won't always be this way." We realize the value is just beyond, getting to the other side, going through the changes, facing the obstacles, meeting the challenges, and yes maintaining balance. We don't know how, or when, but we believe and understand that happiness comes after we go through...

Going through teaches the lessons and gives relief and resolution. It becomes the guide for our next. There is a treasure in our trash, in our mistakes, our misfortune, and mishaps. We can't learn to keep stepping if we don't understand how we stumble and fall. It takes time. That smile, that happiness becomes the shield.

We see it. We recognize the sincerity or the cover. We understand those who are genuine and those who are struggling. We display the same. True happiness is contagious, they smile, we smile. We recognize those who have gone through... that other side of happiness. It glows, it's free, it displays an air of's contagious.

Happy People, truly happy people, live seeking to be better. Seeking to ignite the ability to be at peace in others, they live in the over-flow. How do we get to the other side of happiness? How about we just live it every moment we can.

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