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Life Lessions

Heading to year 66...

We often feel we need to be better than...

We need to move ahead, beyond, and above.

This journey, our lives, are to be lived as an individual.

We are unique; we learn; differently, we understand differently,

And that makes us no better, worthy, or deserving than others.

Lessons throughout our journey teach each of us accordingly...

According to the understanding of who we are, our purpose, who we seek to be, not who we seek to be above.

Lessons taught through experiences, those we learn to love - parents and family, those we learn to accept as our guides, teachers, advisories... we apply what we know, what we've seen, what we understand as a must to move on

Lessons... we need them. We need not understand them, but when confronted with challenges, possibilities, and options, when need to know how and when to apply those lessons.

Entering year 66.... lessons, I thank God for them. If I were as honest as you... I'd admit I haven't used all the lessons I've learned. I haven't applied all I've believed, I have so much more to experience, and I'm still learning...

God willing, I will apply those lessons to good living for all.

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