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Survivors - The strength comes from one's how and why.

There's an obvious reason for survival, but how does one continue to live through it? To be more and return to what others believe you've lost, while your belief is to restore what you had. Holding on despite the risk, the trauma... you understand you will, you can... but the question remains: can you restore what is lost? This is the struggle of the survivor.

Knowing what the goal is but not knowing how you will accomplish it, how will you make it happen? How do you overcome the challenges, the obstacles, and the predictions, but the desire comes through faith? Putting our hope on the shelf, thinking nothing will help our emotions while falling silent to a spiritual death.

That desire, that faith, that hope continues to nudge the spirit. Believing in that survivor that lies within it sets a new way to conquer and win. Survive; it may not be the big winning moment; lock in; you're making it, recovering, you're slowly getting better. Know that though your emotional being is struggling, you're surviving. We don't often realize we're just making it, understanding that our yesterday.... well. Today, we're winning.

I have stepped toward my next. I am now in survival mode. I can and will move on... who is my Band of Survivors? Is my support strong; are those who know my story encouraging my next chapter? Am I thriving? Is my method supported by those who understand? I am in transition, striving to be better, seeking to gain, to recover, to continue to survive.

First, acknowledge what's going on without being fixated on it's not where you should be. Denying the situation, obstacle, or challenge delays your progress to heal, recover, restore, and move on. Accept who, and where you are so you can move forward.

"I'm in this situation, but I will, I can, and all those who are in my band of survivors must understand... my truth. "I have Cancer," that is a fact. "I did not retire to Cancer"; that is a fact. "I am a survivor"; that is the most important fact. But I believe there's something about this that will change my life and the lives of others.

Avoid automatic judgment. "Cancer, Oh my God!" Don't judge the situation, what you don't know, or what you don't understand. It's better to focus on the steps to overcome or help one to understand. This becomes a need for the emotions and the spirit to focus on healing. Let it be well with you, although you can't quite see the why, how, or the way. Change the thought go into survivor mode, and take your band of survivors, your support team, with you. You can't be worried about how others see you or your situation.

It takes time. You may not understand it today, but to a survivor, it is our story that we will tell to ourselves and others. I am... a child of God, a survivor because of His word. It is His Will that will heal me, save me, place me, and surround me. His blessing and the band of supporters, prayer warriors, and my band of survivors will keep me.

We are truly never trapped. You have to accept and shift. Take the next step to realizing your better. Your best is waiting for you to step on and step out, step forward in spirit, heart, and mind. Change your direction, and your survival depends upon your belief to be... A Survivor.

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