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There's Value in Change

Change... it's not just what's in your wallet, or found in the cushions of the couch, although enough saved can be of value. Give me a moment to make a comparison of that to your thoughts, reactions, and actions. If we changed them, small change can bring value over time.

When done quickly, maybe an immediate need, that necessity if not planned can be disruptive. Change in work assignments, living arrangements, diet, day-to-day life can be stressful if we constantly change what we've become acquainted with. Change, we question the value... will it be better or worse? Is it worth the effort to make the change?

Throwing the change on the dresser, a jar of sorts, or leaving it in your pocket or wallet, doesn't seem to give it any value. But when it builds up, we are forced to recognize, the pennies, and nickels, it all adds up. We may want to know the value of what we have.

Our mindset, the changes we make, no matter the reason, we need to see how much value it holds. The jar is our mind, the coins, what we put into our mind is our daily actions, reactions, thoughts, and habits. To have value it must add up to a positive mindset. We must be able to cash it in. The ability to recognize the value as we count what we have and what we want to hold on to is the value. Collecting positive change, positive alternatives, and saving them, allowing them to become habits is valuable.

From time to time we dip into that jar filled with coins. Savings for hard times, to make payments or purchases, to go on vacation... the value, that savings adds to a need. We are often surprised at the amount the jar can hold, how the added coins can be an addition to, a supplement, extra.

Change, like collecting the coins, shows value. It bridges our emotions, balances our stress, and gives value to our lives. Change shouldn't be feared but understood. Knowing we can reflect on the past, look at the present, and continue to have tomorrow's visions because we weren't scared to change is the value. Pocket your changes, put them in your mind, recognize the need to hold on to the possibilities that the change will bring value. The more you are willing to change... well, you reap what you sow.

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